Shepherd Church Global Partners

Below is a list of all Global Partners raised within Shepherd Church. Click on their links and check out the amazing journey that they are sharing with God! Be a part of what God is doing through Shepherd Church all over the globe by befriending and encouraging our Global Partners!

Additionally, Shepherd Church is one of their many financial supporters, which include other churches and individuals. We ask that you pray about your individual participation. Know that your encouragement, friendship, and prayers will truly mean the world to them, and any financial support would be icing on the cake!

The Global Outreach team at Shepherd Church supports our Global Partners in various ways by securing housing, transportation, speaking engagements, and much more when they visit Los Angeles. However, if you’re able and willing, the Global Partners will be so blessed to have a friend reach out to them and help by hosting them during their visit, or lend your car for a few days. They will be super blessed in this kind of aid.

Our Global Partners do visit Los Angeles from time to time. During these visits, it is so encouraging for them to feel part of your Life Group. You can do this by inviting them over for a potluck or even to participate in your Life Group sessions. Allow them to be part of your lives for their short visit.

The best way you can bless our Global Partners is with your time and prayers. We encourage you to sign-up to receive their newsletters, follow them via social media, and email or hand-write letters to encourage them on their journey. These regular communications from home mean the world to them. Through this, Global Partners are reminded that they are loved, known, and supported on what God is doing through them.

We want to encourage any Life Group who is willing to connect with one of our Global Partners. These Global Partners are an extension of Shepherd Church. Our hope is that you would be aware of and be an active participant in what God is doing around the world through Shepherd Church. 

International Partners

Kenya | Larry & Ginny Niemeyer | Church Planting and Discipleship |

South Africa | Ken and Patty Borgert | Pre-Marriage, Marriage and Family Seminars & Workshops |

Czech | Brian Bothwell | EXIT Tour (concerts) | 

Poland | Vance and Jenn Yzbick | Discipleship |

France | Abigail and Didier Casanova | Administrative |

Philippines | Francis and Laura Mallorca | Youth and Young Adult leadership development | Dating, Engaged, Married couples and family discipleship |

Dominican Republic | Dan and Twyla Grozenski | Early Childhood Education & Cultural Collaboration | |

Domestic Partners

Chris and Terri Chapman | Bible Translation –Sign Languages | | 

Ian and Erin Downs | Campus Ministry, WA | 

Kevin and Jenny Jordan | Sports Chaplains, UCLA | 

Peter and Jocelyn White | Fight Against Human Trafficking | 

Gene and Cecelia | Mission Next Connecting Missionaries with Sending Agencies | |

Secured Locations

Joel and Carolyn | Bible Translation & Distribution |

Khuder and Stevie | Humanitarian Work | 

Peter and Rachel | 

Local Shepherd Global Outreach Ministries

Freedom Arise | Anti-Human Trafficking | Althea Leva |

Angel Tree & Prison Ministry | Antonette Sotelo |

Blanket Blessings | Renee Rigley |

Global Supply | Terri Morus | | Mary Lou Cook |

Sewing Ministry | Chris Hildner |

Global Partner Circles | Deborah Scott |