Life Groups Impact Activities
Read below for some great ways to CONNECT with your Life Group! When you CONNECT with your Life Group, you’re spending time getting to know your Life Group members’ personalities, stories, likes, dislikes, and it leads towards you getting to best know the members of your Life Group!

Trivia Time
Use the chat feature on Zoom to host fun trivia competitions.

House Tours
Take turns giving a Zoom house tour, and show off some of your quarantine home projects! Make sure everyone has to show what’s in their fridge (or their sock drawer … your choice).

Master Class
Ask everyone in your group, “If you had to teach a class on something, what would it be?” Then, schedule times when everyone can offer a quick tutorial to the group about their favorite hobby.

Animation Academy
Go to YouTube and search “Disney Drawing Tutorial.” Pick one of the “How-to-Draw” videos. Then, share your Zoom screen and have everyone watch and draw along with the video. At the end, show off your masterpieces!

Birthday Cake Bake Off
Next time you celebrate a birthday for our group, have each household bake a cake and show it off on Zoom. Vote for the best cake, then eat, enjoy, and celebrate! (Or … why wait for a birthday? Do it next week as you celebrate an Un-birthday!)

LEGO Building Competition
Have everyone dig out their old LEGO sets and create a masterpiece to show off to the group. Make it a competition and vote for your favorite!

Take Next Steps Class
It’s never been easier to complete the church membership process. If you or your group members haven’t completed Next Steps, join us for Next Steps online and learn what it means to belong to the Shepherd Church family. To register, visit

Celebrate Baptisms
If someone in your group hasn’t been baptized, encourage them to take this important spiritual step and then go cheer them on (socially distanced, of course – or have one person go and show it on Zoom for the whole group). For more information, visit

Perhaps this slower season of quarantine is a unique season to grow in new ways. Here are a few ideas and resources to deepen your faith together as a Life Group!
When you GROW together as a Life Group, you’re intentionally learning about the bible, doctrine & theology, spiritual growth practices, and ultimately, God’s plan for His creation and their transformation. Below are practices for you and your Life Group to try out and GROW, together!

Talk It Over
Follow along with the weekly sermon, and use our Life Group curriculum questions to dig deeper into the sermon and beyond with your Life Group. Visit

Shepherd Church & RightNow Media
Check out the ever-expanding library of small group curriculum, sermons, devotionals, and children’s programing, available online for you and your group at

Follow a Bible Reading Plan (Together)
The YouVersion Bible app lets you pick a reading plan that you can share with others, as well as discuss the daily readings within the app. Download this free app today at your favorite app store! Also, to help build the habit of Bible reading, you may find our Bible Reading Plan when you visit

Memorize Scripture
There’s never been a better time to hide God’s word in your heart. Every month (or every week), choose a verse that you will memorize together as a group. To help you take up Pastor Dudley’s challenge to memorize Ephesians 3:14-21 during this year, you can visit

Take Next Steps Class
Join us online for Next Steps, and learn valuable habits that will help you grow in your relationship with God. Take it together as a Life Group! To learn more, visit

School of Discipleship
You are invited to be a part of Men’s or Women’s School of Discipleship meeting ONLINE every Thursday night at 7pm. We discuss the many biblical aspects of being a disciple of Jesus and servant leader in his Church. Our hope is that the tools you get will help you to live the life that God created you to live and follow Jesus every day of your life. For more information, and to receive a Zoom invitation to either Men’s or Women’s School of Discipleship, please email

When you help meet practical needs, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need. Choose one of these serving opportunities to do together as a Life Group.

English and Coffee
Church members volunteer as "tutors" to help our international friends practice conversational English in a one-on-one setting using materials based on the Bible. It is a fun way to meet new people, learn more about cultures around the world, and share your own experiences with God. For more information, Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES

Take Next Steps Class
Join us online, and learn more about how God designed you to serve. Take it together as a Life Group! To learn more, visit

Community Initiative
Community Initiative partners with local schools within the San Fernando Valley and gathers Shepherd volunteers to assist in campus beautification. This is a great opportunity for individuals or groups who want to bless our community through serving! For more information, Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES

Freedom Arise (Anti-Human Trafficking Ministry)
Freedom Arise is a new ministry birthed from Shepherd's passion to see the end of slavery in our lifetime. As a church, we are partnering with numerous organizations who are deeply involved in the fight against human trafficking. As a ministry, we are committed to prayer, raising awareness, prevention, and growing the movement to end human trafficking. Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES

Card Care Ministry
Write cards to encourage others. The Care Card Ministry sends care cards to people all over the U.S. who are in need of words of encouragement. Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES

Blanket Blessings
This ministry exists to make and distribute blankets for those in need. Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES

Sewing Ministry
This ministry turns simple sewing projects into gifts of love, such as clothes for kids, accessories for the wheelchair-bound, and patient gowns for hospitals in Indonesia. Click here for more information on LOCAL MINISTRIES
We are surrounded by people desperately looking for a source of hope. Jesus is that source of hope that quenches thirst and provides a light unto a darkened path and world. Let you and your Life Group be an extension of the light that Jesus provides. As you have seen by His light, share that light with others for them to see!
Choose of these ideas to bring hope and share your faith with those around you.

Invite People to Join Your Life Group
In a season where loneliness is ever increasing, invite new people to join your Life Group. The community found in your group could be what someone needs to find Jesus!

Take Next Steps Class
Join us online, and learn more about how you can share your faith by sharing your story. Take it together as a Life Group! To learn more, visit

Pray Together
Take some time at one of your meetings to come up with a list of people you’re praying for to come to know Jesus. Regularly revisit this list and pray together as a group for family members, co-workers, neighbors, and friends who need Jesus.

Host a Watch Party
You can host a watch party on Facebook and invite your social media circle to watch the weekend service with you. Have your Life Group members all engage in the comments and show some love!

Share the Service Online
You never know who needs to be encouraged! Share the weekend messages on your social media channels, and pray that god would use your posts to give hope to someone who scrolls through and decides to watch.

Sit Outside with Your Life Group
Our Shepherd Church Porter Ranch campus has a beautiful courtyard that was originally designed to host small groups of people eating and socializing around firepits and gardens of flowers and plants. Now our courtyard is open every weekend to watch and listen to the weekend service live while enjoying the amazing SoCal weather together! Join your Life Group outside and physically distanced, worshiping our Lord and Savior, hearing what he has to teach us through Pastor Dudley’s sermons.

Prayer + Care + Share
Start by praying together as a group for someone you want to see come to know Jesus. Then, look for a simple way to care for that person and practically demonstrate Christ’s love. Finally, look for an opportunity to share about your faith.