Know more about Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to help you experience the life God has for you by helping you CONNECT with other believers, by helping you GROW to be more like Christ, and helping you make an IMPACT with the gospel.

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a small group of 8-12 people who meet at a leader’s home to connect relationally and grow spiritually by participating in a discussion led Bible study. Now, due to Covid-19, all Shepherd Life Groups are meeting virtually using platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger! 

Each group meets once a week during a series (usually 6-8 weeks). A series is what we call a collective number of weeks where we further study what our pastor preached on from the past weekend! Groups gather for about 1.5 to 2 hours per week. 

Every group member receives a study guide and each group leader receives a teaching DVD for the group. Once again, due to Covid-19, we've moved the study guide and teaching DVD to be accessible on your Android, Apple, or any device that can connect to WiFi! We've gone digital to best and safely distribute the lessons! 

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How Do I Get In a Group?


Here is a video from one of our Life Group Pastors, Abe Anaya on the history of Life Groups at Shepherd Church!

Below are our core beliefs as a ministry!

Don't leave this page without reading our heart behind what we do! 

Connect & Care

We want all of our Life Groups to be safe places of care and connection! From sharing highlights of one's week to sharing about frustrations about work, we want our Life Groups to avenues for conversation about anything and everything! Yes, we do ask for discernment and wisdom about when to share what, but, let questions about one's day and people's testimonies be the driving force for groups to connect and care for one another! 

Grow & Support

Through time spent with one another on Zoom or in person, it is our hope that groups share and discuss in the guided curriculum questions written by our staff. Each study session is further study of what our Senior Pastor preached from the weekend! Questions are meant to bring up discussion and wonder. "What did Jesus mean when He said..." or "How was it that Moses was able to lead although he may have seen himself as inadequate to lead?" Time spent together discussing is meant to be fun, safe, and as a way to support one another in your spiritual growth! 

Impact & Encourage

As Life Groups spend more time with one another, they will learn each other's testimonies and be able to best pray, support, and encourage one another. One way we want Life Groups to encourage their city and homes is by serving in the communities they live in. From praying for your neighbors, smiling, and picking up groceries for your neighbors, we want all Life Group members to impact their communities by being an encouragement to their communities! Also, don't forget, you can be an encourager to those in your Life Group! Pray for them and smile with them! Rejoice with them and be sad with them! That can be your ministry; your own Life Group!